NBA2k9 16ft9 giant Kobe Bryant take on celtics

in this case it’s more efficient to block your opponents by moving your feet than jumping around.

American Late-Night Jokes

“A very happy St. Patrick’s Day, everybody. Of course, St. Patrick’s day is a little different this year. Nobody’s got any green left.” –Jay Leno
“Hey, a little quiz for you. What is the difference between an  AIG executive and a drunken Irishman? A drunken Irishman spends his own money.” –Jay Leno

“In fact, President Obama’s so upset that he changed his slogan from, ‘Yes we can’ to ‘oh no you don’t!'” –Jay Leno

“The Republicans are on board in this, too. Iowa Senator Charles Grassley told AIG executives — this is what he actually said — he said they should either quit or commit suicide. But I think that’s plain wrong. I mean, why give them the option of quitting?” –Jay Leno

“New research out of the University of Virginia says that our mental abilities begin to decline around the age of 27. In fact, by the age of 50, many of us are thinking at a  President Bush level.” –Jay Leno

“I want to tell you, a beautiful day in New York City. Am I right about that? It was so nice today that AIG gave a bonus to Al Roker.” –David Letterman

“By the way, while you were laughing, AIG just handed out another $100 million in bonuses.” –David Letterman

“In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the water in the fountains at the White House today was dyed green, which might be the only green a lot of Americans see this year so enjoy it.” –Jimmy Kimmel

“They had a big St. Patty’s Day party at the White House tonight with corned beef and cabbage, green beer — the whole thing. It’s an important part of Obama’s everybody get drunk and forget about the economy policy.” –Jimmy Kimmel

The Ctrl+Alt+Del Tool for Lazybones

Do you always need to reboot the computer and/or start Windows Task Manager? Look no further than Ctrl+Alt+Del, a handy tool which does just that and nothing more.


Chrome Experiments: Google Launches New Site to Showcase the Power of Chrome and JavaScript

Yesterday, Google announced a new beta version of Chrome, which features a significantly faster version of V8, Google’s JavaScript engine. Today, Google also launched Chrome Experiments, which showcases JavaScript intensive games, apps, and visualizations. The site is obviously meant to highlight the power of the combination of V8 and Chrome, though quite a few of the apps should also work on Firefox, Safari and IE. In our tests, however, Chrome did indeed provide the best experience.

Chrome Experiments currently features 19 apps, and Google plans to constantly update the site with new experiments and encourages developers to submit their JavaScript apps for inclusion.

Note: If you want to live on the cutting edge, here are the instructions for enabling the Chrome Beta and Developer channels.

Some Highlights

Here are some of our favorite apps in the current Google Chrome Experiments line-up:

Social Collider

Social Collider might just be one of the coolest Twitter visualization tools we have seen in the recent past. Social Collider shows the connections between different Twitter users. You can use a user name or keyword to initiate Social Collider, but it can also be used to visualize current Twitter trends.

Note: Using Social Collider can be quite CPU intensive, but the results are definitely worth it.

Google Gravity

This is an utterly useless experiment, but it shows off some of the surprising possibilities of using JavaScript together with the Box2D Physics Engine. After you have seen gravity take its toll on the Google homepage, also try to perform some searches.


Smalltalk is another Chrome Experiment that uses the Twitter API to visualize real-time chatter on the Internet. Specifically, Smalltalk looks at comments about the weather in the US (sunny, foggy, windy, etc.). Besides JavaScript, Smalltalk also makes use of the canvas element in HTML5 and the jQuery framework.


Josh Nimoy’s BallDroppings is a cool little musical toy that has already been implemented in a number of other languages. Here is the JavaScript version. Just draw a few lines on the screen and see what happens.

Browser Talk


Click here to access Google Chrome Experiments

To Download Google Chrome Click here