Twitter: Building Businesses Tweet by Tweet

Entrepreneurs are finding the fast-rising microblogging site to be a useful tool for reaching out to customers

Here’s what happened when Chris Savage, the chief executive of, searched for the phrase “private video sharing” on Twitter, a social networking site. One post he found read, “A teacher requested a private ‘video sharing’ Web site so that specialists can observe student behavior—can anyone refer one?” Continue reading

Google to Lay Off 200 Employees



Make it official: Google‘s not immune from the bad economy and plummeting ad market. We’ve been hearing for weeks that Google would have layoffs. Google is cutting 200 employees today, the company now confirms.

Google executive Omid Kordestani, the company’s sales chief, wrote in the offiicial Google blog that cuts are concentrated in Google’s sales and marketing operations, as tipsters told us earlier, Continue reading

Sony Ericsson tanks, Palm stumbles, Dell reconsiders


Sony Ericsson announced that its mobile sales will be down 50 percent from the previous quarter. That’s bad, but Palm has them beat with a 72 percent sales drop. And then there’s Dell, which is wisely rethinking its plans to board the sinking handset ship at this moment. Continue reading

Recovery 2.0 – Where Web 2.0 Really Accelerates



Here we are again in another commercial nuclear winter – last time it was predominantly a tech bust, this time tech will be the engine that pulls us out of the recession.

Continue reading