The World’s First Netbook with Optical Sensor LCD Pad


It’s been a while since Sharp blew our minds with a really cool Netbook and today they just did that… Behold the Sharp Mebius NJ70A, your average 10.1″ Netbook with an Atom N270 CPU, an Intel 945GSE Express Chipset, 160GB of HDD, a Web cam and… a mind blowing 4″optical sensor LCD with Led backlight and an awesome 854×480 resolution.

While this Netbook is just plain standard, the optical sensor LCD is really impressive and lets you use either a finger or stylus to write memos and emails with handwriting recognition, or play piano, zoom out and in on document like you do with an iphone, and so on!

As I am writing this Sharp’s press conference hasn’t even started, but Sharp’s staff kindly let me play with their baby. So far I have no idea yet on this awesome Netbooks price, but you will have to wait another month before seeing this cool baby in stores in Japan.

Click to Watch the viedo

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