Download Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7100 EN RC (x86)

Download Mozilla Firefox v3.5 Beta4 build 1 RC

Mozilla Firefox v3.5 Beta4 build 1 RC is released.Mozilla Firefox project (formerly Firebird, which was formerly Phoenix) is a redesign of Mozilla’s browser component, written using the XUL user interface language and designed to be cross-platform. It includes a popup blocker, tabbed browsing, a smarter search, hassle free downloading, and improved privacy and security.

Download: Mozilla Firefox v3.5 Beta4 build 1 RC

SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 arrives



The anticipated initial service pack for Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008 database will be available imminently, Microsoft said Tuesday.

Many SQL Server 2000 and 2005 shops have been waiting for the pack before upgrading to the 2008 edition, as it contains all the cumulative updates and fixes issued since SQL Server 2008 was released to manufacturing in August, resulting in an overall more stable application.

Download Now SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1

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Google launches free music site in China



Chinese internet users will be able to download more than 1m music tracks for free after Google launched a new web service with the world’s four largest music labels.

Pulling the L-plates from a service that launched in trial mode a year ago, the downloads service marks an aggressive move by Google to take on the Chinese search site, which has more than twice the market share of the California-based technology giant. Continue reading

Skype 3.0 Beta for Windows Mobile released and available for download

First mentioned by the folks over at Skype more than one month ago, Skype 3.0 Beta for Windows Mobile is now available for download, coming with two important new features.

The first one is the application’s ability to send and receive files (of up to at least 50MB).

The second new feature of Skype 3.0 Beta for Windows Mobile is the support for SMS: you can now send text messages anywhere in the world, via Wi-Fi, at Skype-like low rates. You can send messages even if you’re not in a Wi-Fi zone, but data charges may apply. Continue reading

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For the week ending March 15

1. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition (2,033,709 downloads)

2. Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition (728,881 downloads)

3. Avira AntiVir Personal – Free Antivirus (658,460 downloads )

4. LimeWire (552,505 downloads )

5. Avast Home Edition (450,777 downloads )

6. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (402,860 downloads )

7. WinRAR 340,025 downloads)

8. Advanced SystemCare Free 320,428 downloads )

9. YouTube Downloader 278,831 downloads)

10. Orbit Downloader (267,980 downloads )

11. Camfrog Video Chat (264,522 downloads )

12. Download Accelerator Plus (218,894 downloads )

13. VersionTracker Pro (213,077 downloads)

14. FrostWire (196,232 downloads )

15. GOM Media Player (182,139 downloads)

16. IrfanView (172,969 downloads )

17. FLV Player 166,935 downloads )

18. PhotoScape (160,419 downloads )

19. Spybot – Search & Destroy 157,142 downloads )

20. WinZip 144,366 downloads )

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Avira builds better free security in AntiVir 9

Avira AntiVir started making waves a few years ago, scoring high on well-respected third-party antivirus detection and removal tests. Released today exclusively on, AntiVir 9 doesn’t appear to have changed much–but that’s only because the interface sports the slightest of what’s new.

Avira AntiVir 9 introduces one-click infection removal with multiple options for customization.

A refreshed banner logo tops the list of UI changes, but it’s the long-awaited features in the free version of AntiVir that should pique most users’ interest. Anti-spyware detection and removal is now available for the free version of AntiVir as well as the paid upgrades. There’s new scanning tech that can crack open “locked” files and verify that they’re not malicious, along with improved internal security to prevent AntiVir’s files from being maliciously altered. AntiVir 9 also offers a rebuilt heuristic detection engine, and according to Tony Anscombe, director of consumer products for Avira, reader comments have been the impetus for the new one-click threat removal option–no more baby-sitting the scans.

The one-click threat removal is a nifty quarantining feature that logs and sets aside all detected threats so you can deal with them individually or as a group at the end of the scan. It’s simple, but means that you can run a scan at night and not worry about the scan pausing and waiting for user input before it continues.

Click on the Configuration button on the right-side of the central pane, and check off Expert Mode on the upper left-side of the box that opens. In the options tree below it, go to Scanner, then Scan, then Action for Concerning Files. From there, you can choose an Automatic or Interactive reaction. Under Automatic, you can choose a primary and secondary action, as well as copying the file to the quarantine before taking any other action. Interactive offers you a round-up at the end of a scan, and Combined or Individual notification mode for users who want to deal with infections all at once or one at a time.


Except for the banner, AntiVir 9 looks exactly like AntiVir 8.

(Credit: Avira)


The other new features, from the anti-spyware to the rebuilt heuristic engine, are not as easy to demonstrate since we don’t maintain a virus or spyware zoo at CNET for security reasons. However, it’s worth mentioning that Avira has expanded the AntiVir free version to include their anti-spyware and anti-adware detections. In previous years, the premium version of AntiVir earned very high marks from both independent testers Andreas Marx (results) and Andreas Clemente.

As program upgrades go, AntiVir is worth some of the hoops that users must jump through to get on board. The upgrade is a time-intensive process, requiring some minor user input and rebooting your computer. Also, users will have to go to the product page and actively download the new installer. Version 9 won’t be pushed to existing users for another month.

Savvy users will notice the removal of the on-demand e-mail scan, and AntiVir is still challenging–and by challenging, I mean a massive headache of pain–to fully uninstall. Despite these hang-ups and the nag screen that follows the multiple definition file updates that occur daily, AntiVir offers such effective protection and a well-rounded set of features that as long as the updates keep coming, it should remain on the top of any free antivirus users’ list.


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