23 Resources for Clean and Compressed CSS


There are a number of free online tools that can help you to create and maintain effective CSS coding. These tools include validators, optimizers, compressors and more. Try out a few of these tools and see how they can help you to keep more efficient style sheets.


CSS Tidy is an open source CSS parser and optimizer from SourceForge. It is available as an executable file, and there is also an online version. CSS Tidy is often able to achieve a compression ration of 30% or more. In addition to compression, CSS Tidy can also format CSS code for higher browser compatibility.

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25 Scripts for Dropdown Navigation Menus


Navigation menus are important to any website. Well designed navigation can improve the look and appearance of a site as well as the usability. For larger sites with a lot of content or pages, drop down menus are popular because the can make it easier to move through the site with less clicks. In this post we’ll feature 25 scripts for drop down menus that you can use on your own site.

jQuery Multi Level CSS Menu #1

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Obama Meets Hu as Stimulus Plans May Heat Clashes



April 1 (Bloomberg) — Presidents Barack Obama and Hu Jintao meet for the first time today to discuss a global economic crisis each is trying to combat with policies that may further complicate U.S.-China relations.

As they meet ahead of a gathering in London with other leaders from the Group of 20 advanced and emerging economies, the two presidents are directing a combined $1.4 trillion of stimulus spending. Continue reading

Snow Leopard To See August Release


Recently, AppleInsider has been provided with a bit more clarity on Apple’s pre-release build cycles for Snow Leopard in addition to being tipped off to several Pro application updates currently undergoing beta tests.

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Windows 7 Starter editions odd “three app limit” behavior



I’ve spoken before about how Windows 7 Starter edition’s built-in artificial “three app limit” where users can only run a maximum of three applications at any one time could be a pain for those looking for cheap netbooks (and could mean that they end up paying for an upgrade). But now I’ve hand a chance to play with the Starter edition of Windows 7 I’m more confused than ever as to how it works. Continue reading

iPhone OS 3.0 beta 2 now available



Apple has posted iPhone OS 3.0 beta 2 (build 7A259g) in theiPhone Dev Center. The download is only available to registered iPhone developers and weighs in at 2.13GB.

According to Ars Technica the second public developer build of iPhone 3.0 contains minor updates, bug fixes and no new functionality. Sources tell Ars that Apple is warning developers to avoid its tethering and MMS features because they “are not supported, and should not be used.” Continue reading

Bobcats beat Lakers again



What exactly is it about the Bobcats that’s made them the only other team not named “Boston” to have a winning record against the Lakers?

Does L.A. simply overlook them more than they do other troubled franchises? Do the Bobcats, like Portland and Utah, just save their top level of effort for the purple and gold? Continue reading