Former hacker to fight cyber crime


Australian telecom company Telstra has hired a New Zealand hacker as an advisor in the fight against digital crime. Eighteen-year-old Owen Thor Walker will work at TelstraClear, the New Zealand branch of Telstra, until the end of the year.  

Two years ago, Mr Walker confessed to being the brains behind an international gang of computer hackers, which used a system he developed to break into computers. The scam made millions of euros for the cyber criminals.

Mr Walker, who was a minor at the time of his arrest, was discharged from further prosecution after his confession. TelstraClear says he now wants to make his knowledge available to business.


Chrome beats the hackers in annual browser bash

The Pwn2Own competition, which is held every year to challenge hackers and security experts to find vulnerabilities in web browsers and mobile devices, has taken its usual share of victims with one surprise survivor during its first day.

Targeted browsers included Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla’s Firefox, and Google’s Chrome, running on a Sony Vaio notebook running Windows 7 as well as Safari and Firefox on a Macbook running OS X.

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