Lynnfield to boost Intel quad core share


Quads currently account for only 10% of total sales

Intel’s flagship Core 2 Quad 65nm, Core 2 Quad 45nm Yorkfield and Core i7 Bloolfield 45nm quad-core CPUs are currently at some nine percent of total Intel’s OEM guidance for consumer market.

This number should grow to ten percent in Q2 2009 and with introduction of Lynnfield Quad core cheap Nehalem CPUs, Intel should jump to some 12percent of total shipment with quads.

Q4 2009 will slightly change the situation as up to 20 percent of CPUs might be quad-core based but there is a catch with this number. According to Intel 20+ percent of market will be shared by Core i7, Core 2 Quad 45nm and mainstream Nehalem that includes both Lynnfield quad-cores and Clarkdale dual-cores, so the actual 20+ percent number won’t be realistic.

In Q4 2009 we can only suggest that some 15+ percent of Intel’s total shipments will be quad-cores. Just to put things into perspective in the same quarter Pentium dual-core E5000 and E6000 45nm series will hold approximately 32 percent of the total Consumer based shipments.

  by Fuad Abazovic


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