Microsoft releases more code under an open-source license


Microsoft is continuing to parcel out products and technologies which it is willing to license under an approved open-source license.

The newest addition to Microsoft’s open-source-licensed family is ASP.Net MVC (Model View Controller) Version 1.0. Microsoft is making the source code for the product available under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL), one of the two Microsoft source licenses which has received the Open Source Initiative (OSI) stamp of approval. Microsoft announced its decision to release the code under an open-source license on April 1, just a couple of weeks after releasing Version 1.0 of ASP.Net MVC to the Web.

ASP.Net MVC is the MVC framework built on top of the ASP.Net runtime. As Microsoft explains it, ASP.Net MVC “is an alternative, not a replacement, for ASP.NET Web Forms.” For developers familiar with HTML and JavaScript, MVC is said to make the building, testing and maintenance easier.

Microsoft recently released its Web sandbox runtime under the OSI-approved Apache license.

by Mary Jo Foley

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