Flash coming to Android courtesy of BSQUARE


The fine folks at BSQUARE have announced that they’ll be porting Adobe Flash to Google’s Android on behalf of a “global Tier 1 carrier.” Whether or not that implies this “global Tier 1 carrier” will have exclusive access to Flash out of the gate remains to be seen. Details are otherwise very scarce, and it’s unclear how this relates to the demo of Flash Andy Rubin showed off at Adobe MAX last year. However, BSQUARE bought NEC’s Adobe® Flash® Technology Consulting and Distribution business 12 months ago, and has done Android work for other customers, so the expertise should certainly be there — and naturally we wouldn’t expect them to go shouting about this if they didn’t have Adobe and Google’s blessing in one form or another.


Google Mobile App for BlackBerry Allows Search by Voice, My Location


Google Mobile App for BlackBerry now allows users to search using their voices and with Google’s My Location application. Google has been making substantial inroads with its mobile apps, even as a number of mobile device makers gear up to produce Android-based smartphones.


Google Mobile App for BlackBerry now allows users to reduce typing on the Research In Motion smartphones by carrying out mobile Web searches for a location using their voices or the search giant’s My Location application, or both. Continue reading

Full version of Windows 7 on Samsung Netbooks? Maybe


Though Microsoft wants Netbook purveyors to pack future products with full versions of the new Windows 7 operating system, it’s going to come down to pricing, as one Netbook maker, Samsung, confirmed.

TechRadar.com sat down with the head of global computer marketing from Samsung, Kyu Uhm, on Wednesday, where he discussed Samsung’s development of Netbooks around the new features available in Windows 7. When asked about what versions of the OS the company plans to make available on its Netbooks, Uhm had this to say:


“Currently Microsoft provides Windows XP for Netbooks. For Windows 7 they would like to give us Windows 7 Starter Edition for Netbooks. That’s the current plan. [Different versions are a] matter of how much we need to pay to Microsoft. It is an open issue. So we can ship other Windows 7 versions, but it is a matter of royalties.”


Microsoft has been saying since before it showed off Windows 7 that it intends for the operating system to reach into the Netbook arena, a segment which Vista largely overshot due to its hefty memory and disk space needs.

The challenge, it appears, has more to do with pricing. Microsoft is offering all of its flavors of Windows 7 for use in Netbooks. The company has said it hopes more PC makers will choose the Home Premium version, but it is also making available a “starter edition” version. Previously, the stripped-down Starter version had only been used in emerging markets.

As Samsung’s comments indicate, it appears PC makers’ decisions will largely be a factor of just how much more Microsoft wants to charge for Home Premium vis-a-vis Starter.

by Erica Ogg

Microsoft Now Sponsoring Twitter Enterprise Site


Twitter has created ExecTweets, a site sponsored by Microsoft and designed to push messages, or “Tweets,” from executives to the general ecosystem of Twitter users. As Twitter, Facebook and other social-networking solutions grow in size, they have been seeking out viable avenues for earning revenue.

Twitter announced on March 23 the launch of ExecTweets, a site sponsored by Microsoftand designed to push “Tweets” from some of the nation’s most prominent executives to Twitter users.

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Free Software Foundation gives annual awards



The Creative Commons organisation and the Dutch security programmer Wietse Venema have become winners of the Free Software Foundation’s annual awards.

The awards were handed out by FSF founder and president Richard Stallman at the LibrePlanet conference held in Cambridge, Massachusetts on 21-22 March.  The FSF named its award winners for 2008 as the Creative Commons organisation, for projects of social benefit, and Venema, for the advancement of free software. Continue reading

Former hacker to fight cyber crime


Australian telecom company Telstra has hired a New Zealand hacker as an advisor in the fight against digital crime. Eighteen-year-old Owen Thor Walker will work at TelstraClear, the New Zealand branch of Telstra, until the end of the year.  

Two years ago, Mr Walker confessed to being the brains behind an international gang of computer hackers, which used a system he developed to break into computers. The scam made millions of euros for the cyber criminals.

Mr Walker, who was a minor at the time of his arrest, was discharged from further prosecution after his confession. TelstraClear says he now wants to make his knowledge available to business.