Serv-U Corporate Edition v8.0.0.1 FTP Server

Serv-U is a powerful and easy-to-use File Server. Serv-U supports the FTP, HTTP, and SFTP (via SSH2) protocols to ensure maximum compatibility with the widest range of transfer client software. With support for industry-standard SSL encryption, Serv-U protects your data while it’s in transit. A powerful Web-based interface allows administrators to remotely access and configure the File Server from any Internet connection in the world using their Web browser. Serv-U also includes a built-in transfer client allowing users to upload and download files from their Web browser. Combined with advanced photo sharing capabilities, Serv-U is an excellent solution for sharing images with friends, family, and colleagues. By licensing FTP Voyager JV with Serv-U, a full-featured transfer client becomes available to all users with no extra installation required. Because FTP Voyager JV is written using Java technology, it’s a cross-platform solution for enterprises.

Serv-U Engine:
Added programmable server, domain, user, and group events to send email messages, display balloon tips, or execute third-party software (Serv-U Bronze, Silver, and Gold only). 
Added support for SFTP versions 5 & 6 (via SSH2), in addition to SFTP versions 3 and 4. 
Added support for SFTP (versions 5 & 6) attribute bits to help identify file and directory types such as read-only, system, hidden, archive, sparse, compressed, and encrypted. 
Added sub-second support for SFTP (versions 5 & 6). 
Added the ability to set file types via SFTP (version 5 & 6), read-only, system, hidden, and archive. 
Added the ability through SFTP versions 5 & 6 to get and set file times to sub-second resolution. 
Added the ability to specify the maximum SFTP version to use for users, groups, domains, or the server. 
Added support for substantially faster and more efficient SFTP file transfers for clients supporting SFTP versions 5 & 6. Clients may perform reads and writes to files of sizes greater than previous SFTP versions (34,000 bytes). 
Added support for “diffie-hellman-group14-sha1” for SSH key exchange. 
Added support for “hmac-sha1-96” for SSH MACs. 
Added the ability to change user passwords through SSH2. 
Added the ability to specify a PEM file for SSL Certificate Authority (CA) certificates (Serv-U Bronze, Silver, and Gold only). 
Automatically redirect from HTTP to HTTPS when a secure connection is required and a corresponding HTTPS listener is found. 
Added a connection limit to ban an IP address for a period of time after a session has timed out. This limit is available for users, groups, domains, and the entire server. 
Added user and group connection limits to enable or disable individual protocols; FTP/FTPS, HTTP/HTTPS, and SFTP (via SSH2). 
Added millisecond resolution to FTP file times for FTP/FTPS MLST/MLSD results. 
Added millisecond resolution when setting file times via FTP (MDTM, MFMT, MFCT, and MFF). 
Added an option to the FTP MKD/XMKD commands to enable creation of parent directories if they do not exist. 
Added the ability to set a maximum file size for uploads for users, groups, domains, or the server. 
Added new system variables; $Protocol, $OldPathName, $OldFileName, $LocalPathName, $LocalFileName, $OldLocalPathName, $OldLocalFileName, $DomainName, $DomainDescription, $FileSizeFmt, $FileSizeKB, $TimeRemaining, $NoFormatActualTransferBytes 
Updated OpenSSL libraries from 0.9.8i to 0.9.8j. 
Added support for UTF-8 encoded message files (welcome message, directory change messages, etc.). 
Changed self-signed SSL certificate support to use SHA-1 instead of MD5 for added security. 
Created a new default self-signed SSL certificate using SHA-1 instead of MD5 for added security. 
Changed the installer to install the default SSL certificates even when they already exist in an installation. 
Changed the logging path for HTTP_LIST to show the file name as well as the directory when listing a specific file. 
Bug Fixes: 
Corrected a DOS vulnerability where FTP could become saturated for a long period of time before allowing new connections. This vulnerability would not cause a crash, but would lock the server for a long period of time. 
Corrected a directory traversal vulnerability where it was possible to create a directory outside of a locked user’s home directory. All protocols were affected. 
Corrected a logging bug where HTTP logouts for a single session would appear twice in the log. Introduced in version 
Corrected an FTP login bug where passwords starting with a ‘-‘ character would not allow logins. This was due to the compatibility with certain older UNIX systems where specifying a ‘-‘ character as the first character for a password, would disable multi-line FTP responses (see release below notes for Serv-U 2.4). 
Corrected an FTP MLST bug where listing a virtual path would return the physical path’s file or directory name instead of the virtual path name. 
Corrected an HTTP upload and download statistic bug where more bytes than the actual number transferred were being tallied; in most cases almost twice as much. 
Corrected an automatic home directory creation bug, when logging in as a Windows User, where the logged in user doesn’t have read and write permission to the parent directory of the user’s home directory; Serv-U was unable to create user’s home directory automatically. 
Corrected an SFTP bug where relative paths were not working. The SFTP specification identifies “file names” not starting with the “/” character to be paths relative to the user’s home directory. 
Corrected an SFTP bug when attempting to set the file attribute; failure would cause Serv-U to close any open file and invalidate the client’s file handle causing uploads or downloads to fail. 
Corrected a cosmetic bug where Serv-U would not correctly set the letter case for Windows Shortcuts when Shortcuts are treated as links instead of files (the default setting). 
Corrected a bug where paths containing wildcard characters “*” and/or “?” could return the first matching file or directory and allow non-wildcard operations to be performed (such as delete, upload, and download). 
Corrected a bug where performing a wildcard listing in a directory, and a subdirectory matched the wildcard, the subdirectory’s content was listed instead of the parent directory using wildcard matching. 
Corrected a bug where wildcard listings on “\” (the computer’s available drives for the logged in user’s account) would not work correctly. 
Corrected a bug when listing with wildcards in directories with virtual paths. When no physical file existed matching the wildcard but a virtual path did Serv-U would not list the virtual path. 
Corrected a bug when specifying a domain home directory, if the directory path contained a trailing “\” character, Serv-U would not correctly limit the directory size. 
Bug Fixes: 
Corrected a problem where pressing the Escape key in the About dialog while viewing release notes for a new version did not always dismiss the About dialog. 
Management Console:
Substantially improved the Management Console speed in which Users and Groups pages are loaded, especially on single-core machines. 
Decreased size of all Management Console pages by 15%-50%. 
The default encoding for all pages delivered through HTTP is now UTF-8. 
Automatically scale lists (users, groups, events, listeners, active sessions, etc.) and logs based on the browser’s size to provide for more working area. 
Automatically scale column widths in lists based on the browser’s size to provide for more viewing area. 
Added the ability to use a customized 400×100 graphic within the login page, logout page, Web Client, and the Mobile Web Client (Serv-U Gold only). 
Added the ability to change visual themes. 
Added the ability to move users from .Archive to ODBC database. 
Added the ability for users to choose whether to create a limit when trying to edit a default limit. 
Added the ability to view statistics for users and groups under the domain and server activity pages (Serv-U Gold only). 
Added the “Go” (to Directory) button in the Management Console Browse dialog. 
Added the Event dialogs for Server, Domain, Users and Groups. 
Added the ability to copy an existing user to create a new user. 
Changed checkboxes for SSH Ciphers and SSH MACs under Server Limits & Settings to use standard checkboxes. 
Updated Help documentation for new system variables. 
Updated Swedish strings. 
Added the ability to paste a registration id using the “Paste Registration ID” button in the Registration ID dialog (IE browsers only). 
Bug Fixes: 
Corrected a Management Console help bug where translated keyword lists were not being shown. 
Corrected a bug in the Management Console where some language translations would not fit correctly in elements on the page. 
Corrected a bug in the Management Console where trying to move a user to a new collection returned a undefined variable when no other collections exist. 
Corrected a bug in the Management Console where dismissing a bubble tip would cause other elements to become un-clickable. 
Corrected a bug in the Management Console where viewing secure certificate information would not display correctly if the information contained long strings. 
Corrected several images that incorrectly showed a gray background on Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6.0. 
Corrected an error that occurred when attempting to open the “Create Directory” dialog when viewing the Browse dialog from within “Domain Details”. 
Corrected a bug in the Management Console that prevented automatic dismissal of the New Certificate Creation dialog after confirming that the new certificate should not be used. 
Corrected a bug that prevented configuring NLST to also list directories in the Advanced FTP Settings dialog for the NLST command. 
Corrected a bug in the Management Console where the drop down list for drives on the browse dialog would not hide after closing the dialog. 
Corrected a bug in the Management Console where the opaque background would not fill the screen when the main window was scrolled. 
Corrected a bug in the Management Console where the “Include in Max Size” checkbox in the virtual paths dialog did not work. 
Web Client:
The language selector on the login page now displays each option in the current language as well as the selection’s native language. 
Added the “thumbnail=1” parameter to start the Web Client in Thumbnails mode after login. 
Added the “slideshow=1” parameter to start the Web Client slide show immediately after login. 
Added the “playlist=1” parameter to play media files immediately after login to the Web Client. 
Added the “dir=” parameter to navigate directly to any directory immediately after login to the Web Client. 
Added the “file=” parameter to download a file located in the directory specified in the “dir=” parameter immediately after login to the Web Client. 
Changed the image preview dialog to use a single click event on the image to view the next image. The double click event to download the image has been removed.
FTP Voyager JV:
New FTP Voyager JV Dockable User Interface. 
Added many new user interface styles and colors selectable from the “View | Style” menu. 
Added the ability to auto hide any tab. 
Added the ability to upload files greater than 2GB. 
Added the ability to resume or restart uploads and downloads. 
Added the ability to open different local and remote views in FTP Voyager JV. 
Added the ability to download or upload to any open tab by using the right mouse click button, then selecting “Download To”. 
Added local and remote tree panes for easier navigation through the corresponding file system. 
Added local and remote preview panes so image files may be viewed. The preview pane works like a sizable thumbnail view of a file. 
Added local and remote Windows Vista style “Crumb Bar” for easier navigation through the corresponding file system. 
Substantially improved FTP Voyager JV performance by utilizing multiple threads to perform certain tasks. 
Reformatted the error dialogs to give detailed error information. 
The build date in About Box now displays using current locale. 
Added help in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. 
Added the ability to adjust the thumbnail size from the toolbar. 
Added newer style forward and back buttons with drop down history list. 
Added the ability to configure the buttons that are available on each toolbar in the “Preferences” dialog. 
Added the ability to configure the available toolbar buttons by right mouse clicking on the toolbar. 
Added the main and transfer pane toolbars. 
Added docking toolbars. Toolbars can be undocked or moved wherever needed. 
Enhanced Drag `n Drop support so dropping files to a Windows-ShortCut (.LNK) directory functions as the target directory. 
Added ability to view system icons for Mac OS X operating system. 
Bug Fixes: 
Fixed the toolbar buttons to allow all buttons to be displayed, even if the buttons exceed the toolbar’s length. 
Fixed a bug for the “Preferences” dialog where the tree labels would not show Chinese or Japanese strings. 
Fixed Drag`n Drop to handle subsequent calls more efficiently. 
Fixed a bug for Mac OS X where the file type was never displayed while viewing a listing in details mode. 

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