MacBook hacked in seconds, again

Many people may remember Charlie Miller from last year’s event where he successfully hacked a MacBook and was able to take control over it within seconds, walking away with the MacBook and the grand prize.

Charlie Miller once again successfully hacked the fully patched MacBook by exploiting a security vulnerability in Safari, Apple’s web browser. The hack was accomplished by the team clicking on a link that took control of the machine within seconds. Charlie Miller walked away with the MacBook and the $10,000 top prize after successfully hacking the MacBook the fastest.

TippintPoint Zero Day Initiative has acquired exclusive rights to the vulnerability, and will work with Apple to patch the flaw. Details about the attack will not be disclosed until the patch is ready.

Charlie Miller wasn’t the only successful hacker, but a security researcher nicknamed “Nils” was able to hack into a Sony Vaio laptop running an updated Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8. “Nils” walked away with the cash prize and got to keep the hardware after successfully hacking it. “Nils” was also successfully able to hack into Apple’s Safari browser being the second hacker of the day to exploit it.

by Andrew Lyle


2 Responses

  1. I wonder if he got paid by MS.

  2. 😀 maybe

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